Our Mission

CGCircuit is a web platform that allows artists, designer, programmers, photographers and directors to market their knowledge by creating video tutorials and sell them across the globe.

With CGCircuit CG and Traditional Artists alike have a place to learn as well as share their knowledge with their peers. We facilitate and incentivize instructors to sell their self created tutorials for a price of their choosing.

Contributing instructors not only receive the revenue from their sold tutorials, they receive increased exposure among their peers. The community of users can then purchase and watch these lessons making them part of their learning library.

Who we are

Carlo Sansonetti

Carlo is the President of CGCircuit LLC and one of the founders. His carreer extends from Character TD and Rigging to Instructor and Graphic Designer. Born and raised in Italy, at a young age Carlo developed a dream to work in Hollywood. Pursuing his dream, Carlo moved to the USA to finish his studies. He graduated with honors at the Art Institute of California Los Angeles, wrote and directed the award winning short The Auction and worked in the field of Film, Video Games and TV Animation. He lead a team of riggers at Lucasfilm Animation for the TV series Star Wars The Clone Wars.

Fabio Maschietti

Fabio Maschietti is a CGCircuit Co-Founder and the man behind its technology.
As an eight year old Italian soccer enthusiast, Fabio was programming World Cup team management software for his friends.
Today, his skills are put to larger tasks in his home country of Italy managing the creation of complex system applications for “System Integrator” and Public Administration. Fabio currently lives in Rome and holds the title of Business and Technology Delivery Manager at Gestioni Elettroniche. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has varied technology experience, from database design to software integration for public administration.

Federico Bolla

Federico Bolla is currently a 3D Story Technical Director at Lucasfilm Animation where he's supporting the previz teams on the show Clone Wars.
Federico began his career as a technical animator working for House of Moves on videogames titles like "UFC07", "Golden Axe: Beast Rider owned", "WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008". Federico then joined ImageMovers Digital as Mocap Technical Director working on A Christmas Carol and Mars Needs Moms.

Cheryl Sansonetti

Cheryl Sansonetti is a co-founder and VP of Marketing for CGCircuit. Since her undergrad education in animation at the Art Institute of California Los Angeles in 2003, Cheryl has had a passion for CG. After school she found her creative niche in marketing, design and production management for companies such as Vivendi Games and Disney's Image Movers Digital. Now she holds her MBA in Marketing from University of San Francisco and dedicates herself to marketing for technology and entertainment based companies.