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Ask your Studio to get CGCircuit for Teams

Need help convincing your Boss to get CGCircuit for Teams?

Make your case by showcasing the content and the knowledge you and your team will gain by joining us!

Simply copy and paste the letter below, and customize it to fit your needs. Then, download our Ebook by clicking the link below. Finally, send it all to your boss.


You may know about CGCircuit: it’s a tutorial site where people purchase high quality video tutorials. They recently launched an enterprise solution that I think could be beneficial to our team and our company: for a small monthly subscription, we can have access to their entire library of tutorials. They keep adding more tutorials every month. Many of the courses are directly related to our work, and the people who contribute to and learn from CGCircuit are leaders in our industry.

I’m writing to request your approval for our team to subscribe to CGCircuit for Teams offering.

Here are some reasons why we should subscribe:

  • It's quite flexible. We can pay for X number of licenses and assign them to some members of the team first and then assign them to other people later at no extra cost.
  • It can enable more people in our team to access relevant and time-efficient training and gain skills to do their jobs faster, thereby increasing their productivity levels and delivering more value to our organization.
  • CGCircuit is growing to be the best platform to learn about the latest techniques. The authors featured on the platform are sharing their daily workflows and best techniques in the industry.
  • People using this platform learn tricks and tips for speeding up processes and experience a variety of approaches to common aspects of computer graphics: modeling, FX, animation, rigging, compositing, look development, renders, scripting, programming, and more.
  • The education tools provided are designed to make it easier for people to reach the information they need. CGCircuit for Teams is an invaluable investment of time and financial resources since there’s so much to learn.
Cost of Subscription (referred to the annual plan)

5-10 licenses $79.99/user/month
11-20 licenses $64.99/user/month
20+ licenses $49.99/user/month

To learn more about CGCircuit for Teams, you can check out the attached Ebook.

Thank you for your consideration. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss or need additional clarification. I look forward to your reply.


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