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It's very simple. Create an account on CGCircuit and upload your creations right away by clicking the Publish header button.
Of course, there are many variables to consider here. Many of our creators advertise directly to their social followings, which can be very helpful. On the other hand, we work tirelessly to nurture our targeted audience to get your creations discovered by as many potential customers as possible.
Traditional Sale (A-la-carte sale)
Sharing your Referral Link with your audience (Social Networks, Blog, other stores, etc.) lets you earn a whopping 96% commission on every sale generated that way. There are no hidden fees.

With sales generated by CGCircuit on your behalf, you make a still-massive 70% profit.

CGCircuit for Teams (Only Tutorials)
Revenues will be distributed to creators based on viewership.
Formula: S = SP * V * P

S = author shares
V = viewership (if your content has been watched 30% of the time during the period, then your viewer ship is 30%)
P = percentage share for author
SP = total subscription payment (for period)
V = 30%
P = 50%
SP = $100,000.00
S = $100,000.00 * 30% * 50%
Author receives $15.000
We send out payouts on the first ten days of every month for the previous month's revenues as long as your earnings balance reaches a minimum of $30. If it doesn't, the total is added to the following period instead. For more information on how to get setup to receive payments from CGCircuit, click here.
The "My Sales" page provides a record of the sales activity in real-time or for a given period of time. You can keep track of all sales transactions, as well as make notes of what is your best-selling product.

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