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This Tutorial is not for beginners.
The global pace is quite fast
I take for granted pcopen functions, nearpoint functions and basic VEX knowledges.
If it is not the case, this lesson is not adapted.
You can check the chapter 1,2,3 and 4 without paying

Here is The Disintegration Effect 2     The Skull
In this lesson we're gonna build a full setup and extend the technics from the first part to rigid body simulation.
We are going to learn tips and tricks that I'm using in production such as advanced custom collision and clustering.
I've prepared a lot of different exemple to have a good undestanding about velocity calculations, rotation by quaternion, displacment, timestep and grain
We will start with a basic object to finally switch to the skull in order to have a good pedagogy
We're gonna talk as well about framgentations,triggers, and ,solvers,
With included files per chapter for a better  learning.

I'm proud of it and I hope you will enjoy it
so let's go

Purchase Price: $49.99

Released on: 03/13/2020

Updated on: 04/02/2020

Category: FXs

Total Duration: 6h 30m 31s

Level: From Intermediate to Advanced

Language: en


The author provided for you some example files. Example files can range from 3d Scenes to Photoshop projects, from Premiere projects to code. They are very helpful to understand more the concepts explained in the course.

Example Files
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Tools used: Houdini

Prerequisites: Disintegration Effect I

Tags: FX, VFX, houdini, disintegration, particles, skull, effect