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Why teach on CGCircuit?

We are focused on the CG Industry so you can easily connect with a relevant audience.

Bringing your own following or starting new we have an established audience in our community waiting for you.

Increase your industry value by getting your name and talent out there.

Maintain complete control over your content. Create the course you want in the format you choose.

Expand your professional network, gain experience and profit from traditional sales and CGCircuit for Teams subscription.

Generate an on-going passive income using CGCircuits easy to navigate platform.

"CGCircuit's video platform, digital marketplace,
and support has freed me to focus all of my
energy on creating the best tutorials I can,
instead of getting bogged down in the details!"

— Steven Knipping, Founder, Applied Houdini

We help you along the way

Want to create, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ll guide you along your way to structure courses and maximize your sales.
At CGCircuit we want you to become an Infopreneur of your knowledge.

Choose and plan the topic of your course

- Choose a topic based on your passion and knowledge.
- Plan your course according to your learning objectives.
- Bring your unique personality as your teaching style.

You can download our FREE guide to get started!

Record your video

- Nervous about being on camera? Use a screen capture, add a good microphone and you're ready to start
- Never produced video content before? It might feel intimidating at first and many successful CGCircuit instructors have been where you are right now. They learned and now create compelling content from home on their own and you can too!

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Publish your course

-With our easy upload tool get your lessons seen and start earning money.
- Promote your course and maximize profit by sharing with your professional network.
- Your course will be visible in our marketplace for individuals to discover and available to subscribing schools and companies.

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Gain Freedom!

Let your hard work and knowledge earn income for you. Supplement your regular full-time job earnings, obtain the cushion necessary to go freelance, or make that leap to move to a foreign country. The freedom you gain from the additional passive income you’ll gain from CGCircuit is yours to explore. All you have to do is go for it!

You can download our FREE guide to get started!

We offer some resources on best practices on how to create a successful course.

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“If you’re looking for an easy-to-use service to offer video tutorials without worrying about anything but your content creation, easy to use without any hassle and have somebody actively promote it with fair pricing, tons of opportunities, and first-class customer service on top of it? CG Circuit checks all the boxes! To me, the best home for my VFX learning material.”

— Stefan Bredereck, Supervising CG Artist & VFX TD

"I really enjoyed working with CGCircuit. Their team provided a lot of information and resources for the author on how to format the course, and their trusted platform made it easy for my course to reach an audience. I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own with as much success. I'm grateful to have worked with them and hope to do another in the future."

— Sara Hansen, TD Generalist at Ziva Dynamics

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Help us produce CGCircuit Originals

A CGCircuit Original is a piece of content that CGCircuit produces by hiring a content creator and working closely with them to generate the best possible content, if you prefer to be hired for creating this type of content, click on the button below

“CGCircuit has provided me a great source of income that is a powerful motivation for creating amazing content and share knowledge. To be able to create whatever you are passionate about, and generate passive income is for sure a great perspective for artists.”

— Diogo Guerreiro - VFX Supervisor at CGimagine


Our marketplace is focused on the CG industry. CGCircuit Instructors are mainly working professionals and industry experts with a passion for teaching.
You can teach any topic you’re passionate about! Our most successful courses show creative skills and best practices that focus on everyday workflows. To get started, it helps to think about what skills you’d be most confident sharing with others. Specialized tutorials that teach a distinct skill tend to be the most popular. Check out our FREE guide for tips for coming up with a great class topic.
Yes! You can download our FREE guides to help you to create a successful course on CGCircuit. We’re also available for any questions at
Absolutely. You can set up your content for FREE. It could be a good practice, if you are a new instructor, share a useful content for FREE. It could be useful to expose you and your way of teaching the community. For example, if you planned a series of tutorials, you can start by publishing the first in the series for FREE. In this case, we suggest publishing the first 2 courses in the series at the same time. The first one for FREE, the second one at a price you’ll feel appropriate. For more info, you can check “How to plan a successful course for the CG industry”.
We believe that to have a healthy community, we should let the user decide the quality of a lesson. Authors have the freedom to choose the subject they want to create and to choose the price for their content. However, CGCircuit takes the liberty to remove inappropriate content and determine what constitutes content "inappropriate.” If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Email our team at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
You can check our revenues share policy here
We send out payouts on the first ten days of every month for the previous month's revenues as long as your earnings balance reaches a minimum of $30. If it doesn't, the total is added to the following period instead. For more information on how to get setup to receive payments from CGCircuit, click here.
Always! The more the better! Although, if you want to just focus on creating content, don't worry, we will keep promoting your content (and you!) for you.

“CGcircuit is the current growing platform for VFX and Animation e-learning! It is a go-to for students. For instructors, it is a great opportunity to share knowledge and generate passive incomes for in between productions vacations.”

— Florian Girardot - VFX Compositing Teacher and supervisor at ArtFX

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