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Hi there, my name is Dan.

I’m an designer, Adobe Certified Instructor & Adobe Certified Expert.

Together we’re going to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. During our course we won’t just learn how to use the tools... we will create real world, practical projects together.

This course is aimed at people new to Illustrator & design in general. We’ll start right at the beginning, working our way through step by step.

We’ll start with the techniques you’ll need to create just about everything in Illustrator. Including icons, logos, postcards & hand drawn illustrations.

We’ll explore lines & brushes. You’ll master how to use and manipulate type. I’ll show you the clever secrets Illustrator has which will help you to discover & use beautiful color like a pro.

You’ll learn how to push, pull, cut &

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Released on: 10/06/2018

Updated on: 10/25/2018

Category: Essentials

Total Duration: 5h 21m 43s

Level: Advanced

Language: en


The author provided for you some example files. Example files can range from 3d Scenes to Photoshop projects, from Premiere projects to code. They are very helpful to understand more the concepts explained in the course.

Example Files
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Tools used: Illustrator

Prerequisites: none

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