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Learn the fundamental skills of creating vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator. Designed for beginners in mind so no prior experience is needed. At the end of the course you will be able to create a simple illustration like the clown fish illustration you see in the preview. After this course it is recommended that you take my next advance course which is "Adobe Illustrator Advance Vector Illustration" where you can sharpen your illustration skill even further.

Purchase Price: $25.00

Released on: 09/21/2017

Updated on: 10/06/2017

Category: Essentials, Graphic Design, Illustration

Total Duration: 3h 19m 39s

Level: Beginner

Language: en


The author provided for you some example files. Example files can range from 3d Scenes to Photoshop projects, from Premiere projects to code. They are very helpful to understand more the concepts explained in the course.

Example Files
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Tools used: Illustrator

Prerequisites: Have Adobe Illustrator CC

Tags: adobe, illustrator, illustration, vector, graphic, design, beginner, essentials