What you are learning

An industry professional will teach you and guide you.

Workshops and Mentorships

With Workshops you will learn directly from industry professionals.

Mentorships allow you to have a industry veteran guiding you to become "industry ready".


Weekly lectures, tasks and feedback

  • Weekly lectures and assignments.

  • Weekly live Q&A session.

  • Submit your assignment.

  • Get personalized feedback.

  • Receive a grade to track your progress.


Project based learning

  • Instructor presents the project.

  • Use the asset from the class or use your own.

  • Follow milestones as you would in a real production.

  • Improve through personalized feedback.

  • The closest thing to a production environment.

Check out our Technology

Get a glimpse at the Virtual Classroom and Instructor Control panel

  • We wrote our features based on your feedback.

  • Simple and easy to use tools.

  • Stream Lectures and Download Feedback videos.

  • Participate to the Q&A session from your desktop or your mobile device.

Available Courses